Curriculum Vitae (Self-portrait)


Reece Swanepoel (b.1996) is an expressive artist, collector and curator born in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up in Mossel Bay, he felt like an outsider; always in search of answers to suffering.

Crayons was his favourite toy as a child. But unlike his peers, he never stopped drawing. This love of pictures morphed into passion once he started using art as a language. Communicating intricate subjects in an expressive style, rather than realistically, offered the opportunity to go beneath the surface.

After high school he took a gap-year traveling the East. On return, he started his studies in Art Education at the North-West University, where he graduated in 2019.

Since the sale of his first painting in 2013, he hasĀ  become a force to be reckoned with in the artworld. His art has been collected worldwide, physically and as NFTs.

Reece started his journey in NFTs in October 2021. After two months of observation, he minted his first NFT and it sold immediately. Since then he has sold more than 230 NFTs, had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in art, form a supportive community, collected more than 100 NFT artworks and was featured on the front page of OpenSea, the biggest NFT art marketplace.

He works with many materials and media, including digital art, charcoal, chalk, oils, acrylics, spray paint, photography, pastels and pen. He is always experimenting and curious about how he can push his craft forward even more.

He currently lives and works in Pretoria.